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This experience made me believe again. Dr. Montgomery and the staff made me realize that leadership comes in many more facets than I previously realized. Those leadership strategies will return with me to my environment at home, and will help me be a better leader and person than I ever was before.

~Nick, SLA participant

Interested in having Dr. Montgomery do a leadership session with your school? Please complete the form on our “Contact” page. Options for virtual or F2F clinics are possible.

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More Information

Parking on Campus
Western Michigan University: Students who intend to park on campus will be required to purchase a WMU Guest Parking Permit for an additional fee of $15. Permits will be available for purchase upon check-in on the first day of SLA. Resident students are discouraged from driving themselves and parking on campus.

Baylor University: Visitors to Baylor’s campus for a one-day visit are not required to purchase a parking permit. Parking instructions will be emailed to all registered participants prior to SLA.

Waivers and Forms
Please note, each student will be required to submit a waiver of liability releasing SLA from liability related to injury or contracting any communicable disease, a health form, and a multimedia consent form. These forms will be included in the Information Packet that is provided to all enrolled students.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Refunds in full will be made with cancellations given more than 72 hours before the Academy begins, minus $25 service charge. Cancellations not made within 72 hours are not subject to a refund of any amount. Refunds are not given to students who begin the Academy but do not finish.